Organizations worldwide are realizing the importance of efficient infrastructure and facilities management. This has thrown open a new industry- 'Facility management', where competent professionals help organizations to focus on their core competency and still manage their facilities much better. Today, Facility Management is an evolving industry where companies provide various services that include Administrative service, Environmental service, Engineering service, General maintenance service, Safety & security programs, IT infrastructure management and many more need-based services.
In India, trends show that the sector is growing rapidly and has enormous opportunities in the future. To cash this opportunity, sustain and grow, Facility Management companies need to ensure that they provide best of services in a prompt and organized manner to their clients, ramp-up resources and operations quickly, have effective delivery model, utilize newer, more efficient technologies which ensure cost efficiency for clients and upgrade them continuously.
Environmental Services
Our Environmental Services Program is built around expert managers and staff who are efficient and active, and the processes that have been evolved through the experiences of more than 30 years in India.
Engineering Services
Our program offers full range of operation and maintenance services. Our services comprising installations, operations and management of electro-mechanical systems and other engineering support systems.

Project Management
Planning is the crucial preliminary step in every human endeavor that aspires to victory. Organizations frequently fall short of their goals despite expending large sums of money on their businesses..
Administrative Services
APMS provides allied services for clients to fulfill their special requirements such as Front Desk Operations, Help Desk Operations, Mail Management, Transport Management, Travel Assistance.
General Maintenance Service
We also coordinate corrective and preventive maintenance services for Civil works which include minor repairs and modifications at home and office, Plumbing installations, Carpentry Service.
Concierge Services
We help you organize anything that you do not have the time or the patience to do yourself. We help you to be in more than one place at time to give relief to your overburden.