Abad Property
Management Services Pvt. Ltd

Abad Property Management Services (APMS), yet another venture from the trusted ABAD group, caters to your needs of facilities management services for residential as well as commercial properties. ABAD Group has over 30 years of experience in hospitality industry and it's from this successful background that we have expanded into facilities management to further develop the range of services we provide.

With this wealth of experience over the years, ABAD can provide customized service to meet your needs and requirements. Our continued commitment can be experienced through the highest quality standards of professional services we offer.

Doing what is right, not what is easy...

A t ABAD Property Management Services (APMS), our vision is "To maximize value for you and provide efficient management services at lower operating costs, while maintaining a high level of service".

APMS was formed in March 2006 to provide Facilities Management Services for residential, commercial and office properties. We have the perfect blend of skills, experience, know-how, resources, presence and the infrastructure to meet challenges of every client, with an assurance for quality unmatched.

Our Clients