Building Management Systems Services

Managing any building efficiently is a complex task, involving number of equipment, systems & sub-systems. APMS ensures that all building services can be monitored and controlled centrally. Apart from smooth operations, this ensures that the facility management team is gainfully deployed, thereby reducing dependence on costly manpower. Multiple facilities can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

APMS provides integrated monitoring and control of all equipment and devices in central building services, such as HVAC, thereby ensuring synchronized working of different components of the sub-systems to deliver optimized performance. For example, to ensure that the floor temperature is maintained at 24°C, the APMS will automatically monitor parameters, such as, Return Air Temperature, Supply Water Temperature, Return Water Temperature, etc. and ensure optimized AHU operation to achieve the desired results through VFDs, Actuator valves, VAVs, etc. Such optimization achieved through APMS ensures optimal equipment performance for enhanced occupant comfort and minimal energy usage.

Service Features :

  • Central Monitoring And Control
  • Site configuration – Allows you to add buildings / zones / floors very easily
  • Configurable password protection
  • security gates / ‘intelligent’ perimeters
  • video surveillance