Access Card / Boom Barrier System

An Access Control Boom Barrier Gate is an Automated System which is highly efficient Security System for Builders and Flats to confirm their Security from the outside world. Boom Barrier secures your Homes and Buildings from unauthorized entry of Vehicles or Persons.

Boom Barrier is a Bar or Pole placed at a pivot to move up and down in order control access of vehicles in a particular premises. And yes we provide this system. We help to protect your Home or Business using Boom Barrier System. We ensures that you are in control of vehicle movement within your premises.

Service Features :

  • Prevents the unauthorized entry of vehicles.
  • Prevents the entry of unrecognized vehicles into a property. (This can be done through attaching mechanisms like card swipe or license plate recognition to the barrier.)
  • Monitors the entry and exit of vehicles.
  • Records the registration number of vehicles parked in the locality.
  • Automatic Door Opener Car Parking Boom Barriers.